Case Studies

Spring and Pressings Manufacturer from Redditch. (Quality Manager)

Over the years that we’ve dealt with Alpha-Rowen, we have been able to develop a strong working relationship. Good traceability and quick response is key to the nature of our business and Alpha-Rowen pride themselves in this area.

The work we did together to reduce rejects on our "Ball Guide" part, which is delicate by design, highlights how much Alpha-Rowen are prepared to work with its customers. By reviewing each step of the process route by trials utilising their variety of equipment and resource, they have been able to significantly reduce the inherent rejection rates from 33% to a more manageable and cost effective level.

This is not the first time they have been able to help us improve our performance to our customer and support our business.

Component Manufacturer from London (Sales Director)

We have recently had an issue supplying parts to our customer in the US. After almost 5 years working with Alpha-Rowen we have found a really reliable company.

Alpha-Rowen really put themselves out to make sure we had our parts treated at the first available instance and on several occasions have helped us by forwarding the parts on for FedEx. This enabled us to get parts out to America in the shortest possible time.
Whenever we have needed a quick turnaround the responsiveness and communication has been second to none.

Steel Metal Fabrication Sub Contractor from Birmingham (General Manager)

We have used Alpha-Rowen for several months for our deburring work and found that they've been really responsive and delivered good quality products within the times requested. 

Pressings Manufacturer in Walsall (Logistics manager)

We have started to use Alpha-Rowen again after a break of some years. We have been pleased to find that high standard, quality work can be produced at competitive prices within this market.

More about us

  • Based over 2 sites, we currently employ 21 people whose average service with Alpha-Rowen is over 10 years.
  • Normal operation is 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. This is tailored to provide maximum capacity through the normal working week.
  • We have a range of 7 furnaces to cater for your requirements from one-offs through small batches up to multi-tonne orders.
  • Austempering provides a tough structure but with a minimum of distortion.
  • We can also offer oil hardening and stress relieving.
  • We recognise that delivery is normally critical and strive for a fast flexible turnaround.

Our standards

Gear hardening
  • Accredited to ISO9001:2008
  • Culture of "never ending improvement"
  • Ongoing training programs to ensure our employees continue to meet our objectives
  • Our austempered products have a clean blue finish suitable for further processing or can be dipped in de-watering oil to provide some short term corrosion resistance
  • We can process components over a range of specifications to meet your requirements