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501 International House, 223 Regent Street, London, UK W1B 2QD

Hi just to update you on adven designer interiors... This part of the business covers the 'primary interior' i.e. paints, wall-coverings and flooring designs in either 2 or 3d using computer aided design (cad)... adven decor covers the 'secondary interior' i.e. decorations which include blinds, curtains, cushions, fabrics, fireplaces, lighting, ornaments, pictures, plants, rugs, suite, tables etc...

Design Consultants and Interior Designers work with you to create both the perfect interior without compromising at a cost effective price...

Where possible we use warehouses and wholesalers to avoid retail prices being charged to you for your materials and products...

Every design is seen how it will actually be prior to any purchase being made... As we say 'love it then live it'...

Design Consultant                                            

Sim'on Samuel

Mob: 07960 507927

Mob: 07494 495951

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Phone: 07960507927 - 07494495951
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