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Saint Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados, CARIBBEAN


Back-A-Yard Barbados was created out of a sustainable vision we had many years ago and out of a need for personal space when ever visiting Barbados. Accommodation is very expensive in Barbados and truthfully, there is only so long you can stay with family and friends, before you over stay your welcome. So it made economic sense to have our own property which would save us from falling out with family and friends & paying rent to landlords.

And now, we are proud to present to you the first Ruftic accommodation in Barbados, which we successfully rent out on AirBnB to eco travellers from all over the world while we are travelling all over the Caribbean. Back-A-Yard Barbados is a self-contained eco cabin built with renewable materials. We offer a Ruftic accommodation in a 2 bedroom wooden eco cabin, built from local reclaimed wood such as bamboo and palettes. There is an outside bamboo shower & toilet. There is a kitchen equipped with utensils, fridge & storage space. The electricity in the eco cabin is limited to one light bulb in each bedroom & plug for charging your phone/laptop. There is a standing fan in both rooms. If you are ready for a Ruftic experience in Barbados, then here you have it!

In Barbados it is easy to immerse yourself in with the locals, because everyone is so friendly. Situated in town and only 10 minutes walk to the local beach. Everything that you will ever need is easily accessible, such as bars, transportation, restaurants, supermarkets, banks, etc.

So the next time your in Barbados and travelling on a shoe string budget, think about staying at Back-A-Yard Barbados.

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If you are interested in renting/buying land to start your first eco/community based project in the Caribbean, or if you own ancestral land in the Caribbean and would like it developed into a sustainable community project, we have a professional team who can help to guide you in the right direction.

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