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West Midlands, UK

LOCATION: Lonsdale House, 52 Blucher Street Birmingham, West Midlands B1 1QU England

We are a family owned firm who have been serving the city of Birmingham for long period of times. We promote ourselves at being one of the most qualified and productive roofing business in Birmingham. We can provide a large variety of roofing professional services that deal with all areas of residential and commercial work. We have the privilege of obtaining a highly experienced team that has continually prided themselves on being absolutely first class, every single time.

There are two primary divisions with roofing work and we have a dedicated team that will take care of your roofing concern. First up is Roof Repair, the reality is that all houses and buildings although well-built will require some roof management or repair. So regardless if you have a major leak of water or you have a bit of guttering that has come loosened. Birmingham Roofers will have it back to working order in no time at all and fix the problem at a reasonable and fair price.

When it comes to new builds and roof replacements this is where BM Roofers has made a name for itself. Our reliability that has been established with countless 5 star customer reviews and testimonials is one of superb expertise and high quality roofing skills.

If your whole roof needs to come down and be replaced then we have the most recent tools and modern technologies to be able to develop and construct a roof that will last the rest of your life. We will provide an honest analysis and provide advice on how your roofing needs to be completed, the materials that need to be used and offer all this at a budget that will be of the highest value.

Our significant clients are always recommending us to their friends, family and the people they meet. The customer treatment, the professionalism alongside a world class product indicates that our property work impresses.

Our study shows that a typical roof in the city will last about 20 years before it begins to need some type of repair or even a complete overhaul. If a roof has been destroyed too much then it is normally economical to replace rather than repair. But we are here to give you all the relevant information you need to make an informed decision on the procedure and the mandated target of keeping a watertight roof over your head.

As a roofing contractor it is our duty to make sure that all residents and businesses who consult our services are dealt with in an efficient and professional practice. Our goal is to remain uppermost trusted roofing company in Birmingham and emerging as the most trusted is a task that most of our competitors would struggle to deliver. In our years doing work in the construction marketplace we realize only too well that a lot of tradespeople in the city are not building to an excellent quality. All this does is considerably lessen the length of time that the build will perform.

We have incomparable warranties on our work that will give you the main aspect when using a specialized company - Piece of mind.

Call us for an informal, friendly chat and we will be more than happy to assist on 01214 050961

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