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Black History Studies Limited PO Box 45189, London, West Midlands, UK N15 3XP


Black History Study Tours is a subsidiary of Black History Studies with its Head Office situated in London and a team of young professionals dedicated to promoting cultural tourism to areas of African Heritage.

Black History Study Tours aim to:

Educate and help people to connect with our past in order to understand the present and create a better future.

Establish the truth about the history and contribution of Africa.

Highlight the history and contributions of Africans and people of African descent everywhere.

Uncover Black History in parts of the world which are obscured or not well known.

Provide group focused tours to heighten the confidence and awareness of Black History everywhere.

Black History Studies was launched in 2008 by husband and wife team Mark and Charmaine Simpson because we noticed that our community wanted to learn about their history from an African perspective but there were no real outlet offering a range of learning opportunities.

The aims of Black History Studies are to:

Inform, inspire and empower people through Black History and Black Studies by educating the community throughout the UK to educate themselves.

Empower the community throughout the UK to enable them to develop self knowledge and identity through Black History and Culture.

Work with the community to develop its full potential.

Develop, organise and promote educational programmes, events and activities for individuals, organisations and others interested in Black History and Black Studies.

Work with individuals and organisations whose primary aim is in accordance with that of Black History Studies, by identifying common interests and encouraging partnerships.

Bring together people who are willing to further those aims and to stimulate interest in Black History and Black Studies.

To encourage networking, discussion and debate around issues affecting the community. Organise activities and events for individuals, organisations and others interested in Black History and Black Studies.

Assist in, and organise the training of individuals and organisations to teach Black History and Black Studies courses.

    • Future Developments

      Our plans for the coming year include:

Continue to raise the public profile of Black History Studies and work undertaken in the community.

Review existing activities and introduce new activities to continue to positively attract and engage people from the community.

Explore further opportunities to maximise the numbers of people on our courses.

Start discussions with a number of organisations about the potential for collaborative work.

Development of our services for young people and linking this to accredited outcomes for participants.

Continue the development and promotion of our growing portfolio of courses and workshops.

    • In developing our work, we will continue to involve the community in the development and delivery of future activities.


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