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London, UK SW17

Welcome to the home of hair masks.

Tailored to the needs of your hair!

Complete Haircare Solutions is a new start-up, developed to be the UK’s 1st Bespoke Haircare Box Service specifically aimed at supporting women with 3A-4C hair. CHS have developed a range of 100% natural and organic haircare products to enhance, define and make afro hair more manageable to deal with.
Our mission is to provide our clients with a range of our own homemade products as well as your well known branded products tailored to suit the needs of your hair. CHS want to support and empower women thoughout their natural hair journey, through the Go Natural, Oh Natural Movement, offering tips, knowledge and individualised regimes.
We currently have on sale DIY hair masks
Clay masks
Ayurvedic masks
Pre-poo masks
Cleansing masks
We also have a rice water collection including
Ricewater teabags for your hair
A rice infused oil
Rice protein masks
We have a hair inspired blog sent to your inbox, for subscribers onlys. Each and every series will be jam packed with haircare content, new products, general hair tips and advice, from hair type to damage, to how to deep condition. We also feature one of our masks each month so you know exactly what goes into your tailor-made mask and more imporantly what all the ingrediants do. If you dont want to miss out on this amazing content then please click the subscribe button below and scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe. Join the Go Natural, Oh Natural Movement today and never leave your hair without again.
So....if your fed up of trying endless products and not seeing any real results,
watching endless videos and still don’t know here to start, or
you just want some extra support with the management of your hair then...
We will surely look after you and your tresses
CHS with love
Contact Information
Phone: 07838117417

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