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16 St Johns Business Park, Leicestershire, UK LE17 4HB

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy is an energy consultancy service, specialising in the provision of building regulation/standards compliance for new buildings.

We have a wealth of experience in the industry and have gained a reputation for providing quick and instructive assessments, designed to help clients meet compliance with Building Regulations and Building Standards in a timely manner.

We also provide energy management consultancy to organisations who require energy audits or want to improve their energy consumption across their buildings, transport and industrial processes.

What We Do
By using the latest industry-standard software complete with our team of energy consultants, we ensure that your project is compliant with Part L of Building Regulations in England and Wales (Part F in Northern Ireland and Section 6 Building Standards in Scotland).

Our team are able to provide energy calculations for any new-build project: from simple household extensions to large-scale housing developments. We will work with you, from plans through to inspection, to ensure your new build property gains compliance.

Contact Information
Phone: 01455883259
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