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Our Story

Frost & Onyx was launched in August 2016 by Funmi, a British-Nigerian lawyer based in New York and London.

During a lazy day in a Brooklyn coffee shop, I was catching up with friends (Nigerian/American, Ghanaian/American) and realised the strong similarities to my British African friends – smart, fun, conscious, well-traveled, and proud of their African heritage. This is a common story of the African diaspora woman; one that can be underrepresented. I wanted to tell this story through fashion - with conscious original slogans and African prints.

The quest began to find the perfect tops and designs. With some light persuasion, it became a family effort. We embarked on a global search to source the right pieces, big brother (a gifted graphic designer) designed our one of a kind wax prints, and narrowed down exclusive fonts. A year or so on and after many (many, many, many) samples, Frost & Onyx was born.

Our Collection

Frost & Onyx is a collection of high-quality casual luxury pieces. Our T-Shirts are means of expression for messages and images that share with the world the story of the modern African woman. We are inspired by the women we see out on the streets of London, New York, and Lagos. Casual luxury pieces inspired by the modern African girl, eminently global and chic.
We strive to bring you exceptional quality, extremely soft pieces recognisable by our relaxed and sexy silhouettes and exclusive designs, wax prints, and slogans.  Focusing on casual luxury, we have created versatile pieces that will take you from brunch to a night out. Each piece demonstrates creativity, attention to detail, and individuality. They will also help you tell your global story.
Take a look at our collections. We are excited to have you join us. Enjoy!
With Love,

     Funmi x



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