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Introducing the SPA CAPSULE

The Spa Capsule was invented by Doctors and Physician in USA with 40 years of combined professional experience, created the most perfect system for weight loss, anti-cellulite, massage, anti-aging, and de-stressing. Our non-invasive technology is called the SpaCapsule. It provides unattended, self-automated treatments for any Health, Beauty, Wellness, Fitness and Sport facility.

A 25 minute therapeutic full body massage that is equivalent to a 55 minute manual massage. Clients have both right and left sides massaged simultaneously, hence saving time.

This works by a vibration frequency which stimulates the muscle-pump-effect, where with each vibration the body is forced to perform reflexive muscular actions multiple times per a second.

The Weight Loss programme

Consists of three interval massages, 10mins face up, 10mins face down and 5mins of lymph drainage. It works by increasing the blood supply to, and temperature, of the fat stored directly beneath the skin.  This breaks down the fat, resulting in a toned body and an increase in blood and lymph flow in the affected tissue, resulting in a visible circumferential reduction and body slimming.  We can breakdown fat from most area by focusing the jets on that specific area.

With both treatments the client can target specific areas of the body with a hand held lever, once held down the jets remain stationary until released.

The beauty of this service is that our clients remain fully clothed throughout the entire session with no touching throughout.

Throughout each session, clients will experience:

1.  Relaxing music (you can even bring your own CD!

2.  Sweet- smelling aromas

3.  Nature style videos like ‘David Attenborough’.

4.  Stimulation of 4 senses - Touch, Smell, Hearing and Sight

Top Ten Health Benefit of Massages:

1.  Promotes deeper breathing

2.   Improves posture

3.   Improves circulation

4.  Enhances skin tone and skin health

5.  Increases and promotes joint flexibility

6.  Enhances a calm mind

7.  Reduces anxiety

8.  Increases self-awareness

9.  Promotes mental alertness

10.  Improved digestion

We at HydroJetz want to offer people a great experience that they will want to use again and again not just for our great product we offering but also the high standard of service we want to provide.  We aim to create a warm and modern minimalist feel to our shop with a relaxing ambiance so when our clients come in they instantly feel welcome and relaxed.

What the capsule delivers:

•   Stimulation of the Lymph Glands

•  Breakdown of body fat

•   Helps with the relief of general aches and pains

•  Promotes rehabilitation from minor injury

•  De-stresses

•  Reduces Cellulite

All these benefits, from the same equipment, at the same time!


 Free session for first time users

15 minutes for £15

30 minutes for £30

60 minutes for £55 - This can be split into 2 or 4 sessions!


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