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The Box, Greenbank Road, Cumbria, UK CA11 9FB

I founded Look & Cover because I struggled to find really special, memorable gifts that my family and friends would love. Personalised presents that were of beautiful quality, but without an extortionate price tag were hard to find. I decided to change that.

My collection of personalised sleepwear for women and children is designed to be lounged in and loved and I hope that the recipient – whether that’s you, or someone you love – feels doted on, nurtured and valued.

A lot of love goes into each and every Look & Cover garment. They are made from 100% pure cotton by our atelier and then monogrammed at our studio in the north of England before being gift wrapped by hand and sent on their way to you.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

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Phone: 01768892292
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