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About Murray the Milkman

Murray the Milkman & Co. follows our hero Murray, former handyman and now Tip Top Village milkman, as he arrives in the village to take up his new job.

It soon becomes clear that his new neighbours are anything but ordinary and one-by-one Murray gets to know the fascinating (and sometimes magical) inhabitants of Tip Top Village – including Rascal, the village cat and Murray’s naughty nemesis who is ​always trying to get his paws on some tasty milk! Out on his rounds, Murray learns a lot of lessons from the villagers but manages to teach them a thing or two himself.

At the heart of each encounter between Murray and his new-found friends is a valuable lesson: the importance of healthy living, the joy of reading, or how milk makes its way from the cow to our tables. Above all, Murray the Milkman & Co. stories are about community, and the value of the relationships all around us.

So come and join Murray on his rounds, if you’ve got the bottle!


Founded in 2009, Readaware (",) is a publishing house devoted to the development and promotion of educational literature for children and young adults.  Our mission is to create stories that are as informative as they are fun to read – to  inspire a lifelong love of reading in generations to come.  Readaware are incredibly proud to present an original series for children in 2016, Murray the Milkman & Co. – a series promoting core skills and family values through positive role models and a magical, imaginative world.

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