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11 Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK


Named for my beautiful daughter, for her wonderfully kinky, afro hair that delights and inspires me. For the people who need hair care products that are safe, gentle and effective. For people who believe that their hair says something about them and their backgrounds, their heritage their roots. For women who love to simply be ourselves: creative, inspirational, strong and beautiful. Nylah is for all of us.

Everything we do now is rooted in the past. Our gorgeous textured hair reveals to those around us our heritage. It speaks of the men and women that came before us. It shares with the world our ancestry and is our natural beauty shining through. By combining the knowledge of our ancestors with the modern scientific approach of the 21st century, we have created a range of hair care products that work for all women with textured hair types.

No matter what your heritage - Nylah is there

Our hair is our unique and beautiful crown to be displayed however we prefer it to be. That being said, it often requires a special touch in order to flourish. It is through understanding the science of the hairs structure that the right products can be developed to enhance your hair in the very best way. This means understanding hair, how it behaves and what makes it special. In particular, it is about developing products that work with your hair and not against it.

Understanding your hair - Nylah takes the time

Nature has always carried out the task of looking after our body with great care and we take inspiration from that process. We understand our ingredients; how they work with your hair and how they combine for the very best effect. With 98% of our ingredients coming from natural resources, we know that we are providing only the very best for your hair and your body. We work hard to ensure that our ingredients met the lowest possible hazard ratings and that we use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Combining science with nature - Nylah cares about you

We love our planet! and we believe that if we cherish the earth it will cherish us back abundantly. Therefore, we take our responsibility of caring for the environment as seriously as we take our responsibility for providing great products:

| We use recyclable packaging |
| We fairly source, sustainable ingredients |
| We support fair trade |
| We never test on animals |
| We are made in the UK |


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