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This is why we do it

We love our food – it’s a big part of who we are. African and Caribbean food is rich in nutrients, naturally balanced and vibrantly tasty. But the supermarkets don’t stock much and running to the market can be a hassle. So we end up missing out on all that goodness. But who said fresh flavour can’t be fast?

For anyone who craves African and Caribbean fruit and vegetables, anyone who knows that fresh is best, anyone who doesn’t want to brave the market… we created Rootsbox. Our beautiful box is packed to the brim with delicious produce, hand-picked from quality suppliers and delivered straight to your door

And, because we want you to squeeze every last drop of joy from the contents, we deliver our boxes with a recipe card that keeps our rich tradition of great food alive

This is where we come from

In the West Indies, much like many parts of Africa, food is the heart of the home. Our founder, Jess, grew up listening to the music of a bustling Jamaican kitchen – with the pressure cooker adding the treble to the Dutch pot’s bubbling bass

She learned (the hard-food way) that the nutritional benefits of African and West Indian cooking make for healthy, happy people. Over the years, her experience became a passion, a love for the best our food has to offer. And we want to share that passion

With a healthy serving of entrepreneurial spirit and a pinch of family love, we’ve turned the dream of accessible, affordable healthy eating into a reality. Today, Rootsbox is delivering fresh African and Caribbean fruit and veg across London and Luton, complete with a taste of our rich culinary culture. And if you’re elsewhere, don’t worry, soon come

One-time box

Try before you subscribe and order one of our one-time boxes with no subscription necessary

Regular box

Select our regular fruit and veg box with weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery. Cancel your subscription anytime

Wondering what comes in your box?

Each week we make sure you have the staples to take you through the week. This includes sweet potato, green banana, yam (white or yellow), plantain, scotch bonnet, scallion (spring onion) and lemon (or lime). We also add in some specially-selected produce such as mango, paw paw (papaya), callaloo, pak choi, guinep, spinach, pumpkin, avocado, ginger, soursop, fresh thyme, sweetsop, okra, pomegranate and many more, allowing you to create the dishes you love.

On top of that you can expect a recipe card or two so, if you don’t yet have the know-how with African or Caribbean food, you’ll soon be an expert.

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