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London, UK NW10 London

Hi, I'm Samarah Sarpong, Owner of Sam's Body Boutique

Growing up with sensitive skin and eczema I was unable to use most of the skincare products on the market.

After seeing how well natural ingredients worked with my skin, I started researching and experimenting with many different ingredients to make alternatives to those on the shelves of popular supermarkets and beauty stores.

At Sam's Body Boutique we take a simple approach to skincare. We source natural and sometimes organic ingredients so that your products are filled with only the good stuff.


Customer Testimonials

As soon as I used the moisturising avocado and spirulina bar, my hair felt more moisturised and softer than ever!


I sometimes suffer from dry lips and I've tried many lip balm brands over the years and I haven't really found what I'm looking for until now! The Cocoa butter lip balm soothes, it moisturises, it is the one. I love it!


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