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Things They Sold But Did Not Buy
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caribArt Trendy Mugs, Postcards & Canvas Prints
caribArt CollectionsMataborro!Things They Sold But Did Not BuyLast train To UsinecaribArt Trendy Mugs, Postcards & Canvas Prints
Elizabeth James Gallery London, 10 Portland Road, Surrey, UK SE25 4PF

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The caribArt project is the first Caribbean regional platform of its kind that allows Caribbean based artists to access global markets with their work even as they continue to live at home and provide for their families whilst simultaneously generating employment in their communities.

Born to Win Global has successfully partnered with other London based organizations such as Elizabeth James Art Limited which is closely tied to the island of Dominica, DSKii Events and Tropical Mas Association, two Jamaican lead powerhouses,  to make the caribArt vision a reality.

The caribArt project, conceptualized by artist and Executive Director of Born to Win Global Community Interest Company, Tricia Trotman-Maraj, aims to immortalize traditional Caribbean life and culture through works of art by Caribbean artists. This project was launched in the presence of His Excellency Orville London High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago on 24th October 2017 at Elizabeth James Gallery, London

The caribArt project intends on making traditional Caribbean culture attractive to the diaspora youth and something to be appreciated and treasured by the rest of the world by creating positive images of sugar islands in the sun that speak of industrious, intelligent and hardworking people where men and women,  abled and disabled have access to equal opportunities for wealth creation and improved quality of life. The caribArt Project intends to complement the use of the oral tradition of passing on information from one generation to the next by preserving  Caribbean culture for future generations via vibrant pieces of artwork that capture the spirit of the region by Caribbean people who know the stories behind their imagery best.

For more information on the project please contact us at  or visit us at  

Prints of all exhibited works can be purchased through Elizabeth James Gallery  or from the caribArt Collections Print Store.

We sincerely thank you for your support as we move forward in our efforts to immortalize a dying culture and re-write positive images of the Caribbean region through the creative works of its people.

The caribArt Project is an initiative of Tricia Trotman-Maraj of Born to Win Global Community Interest Company, U.K. and supported by Elizabeth James Art Ltd., DSKii Events and Tropical Mas Association.

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