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Are you visiting a town or city for the day or to live in? You can now find your local or national interests or services at a touch of a button. Ranging from shops, salons, barbershops, events, forums and much more. This business has been created by a father and son; who is 1st generation British born of African Caribbean descent. Through life experiences and living in the Black community they have seen a lot of Black business owners, talent, innovative ideas and new concepts. Both believe that this is a new representation for them to bring growth and empowerment to this society.


AKMI ARTS – Music Videos – Visuals

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Derbyshire, UK



AKMI believes flexibility is vital when it comes to providing services, therefore we aim to cater for everyone's visual desires.

Who are A K M I  Arts? AKMI Arts, are a new, innovative and unique multimedia organization who aspire to lead the visuals of tomorrow. Our work isn’t just appealing to the eye but also to the heart and mind, a true piece of art with multiple layers of meaning conjured with creativity.

Atmosphere is what we capture best. A staged picture is controllable and easier to capture, however one caught in the moment? Now that’s true skill. We witness, capture and behold the creation of a beautiful moment to unfold right before our very eyes; in the hopes that it will last forever. So we capture it.

The emotion and morals that are portrayed within these moments express a deeper meaning that speaks a peculiar and very particular type of language that is unknown to those who only look with their eyes but don’t see and view with their minds. This language can only be understood by those with not only the eyes to see it, but also the mind, heart and soul to perceive it.

Let us introduce ourselves….


O U R   S T O R Y

Every pack once was not. Or in this case, just two young wolves straying along their own path, seeking art.

Established in the mid-summer of 2014 AlphaDon Visuals- a young, fresh visuals company was set up by Adoniah & Mthabisi. As each moon passed the duo went from strength to strength, experimenting and stretching their skills and passions for their art. Yet their hunger to get their grips in creating an even better and even more refined establishment grew. Thus so did the decision to expand the pack with two more inventive minds. Known to follow their target all day and night if necessary, like wolves, the four of us at AKMI do not lack the drive to hunt down our prey and capture moments.


AKMI are based in Derby, East Midlands – UK

We do also cater to locations outside this area 




Contact for more detailed information, quotes and full package & price listings




Contact Information
Phone: 07479 176761

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