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Are you visiting a town or city for the day or to live in? You can now find your local or national interests or services at a touch of a button. Ranging from shops, salons, barbershops, events, forums and much more. This business has been created by a father and son; who is 1st generation British born of African Caribbean descent. Through life experiences and living in the Black community they have seen a lot of Black business owners, talent, innovative ideas and new concepts. Both believe that this is a new representation for them to bring growth and empowerment to this society.


BUSH MAMA – Community Live-In Project in St Vincent & The Grenadines

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Our Community Live-In Program is designed for voluntourists who injoy working in a natural, tranquil environment of togetherness. Who are looking for loving connections, who want to bring more awareness into their actions, who want to develop local communities, who want to grow and expand their capacity for happiness and share our passion for travel while creating a better world in NETER (nature).

Our Community Live-In Program gives you, the voluntourist a unique opportunity to explore SVG, while having an immersive experience into the heart of the culture and local community.

The best way to learn about a culture is to live with the locals and become a part of their daily lives. Our Community Live-In Program is the best way for nomads, post graduates, Voluntourists, professionals and students to do just that.

During your Community Live-In Program, you will live the Caribbean rural lifestyle while learning to take care of our farms, re-develop our ancestral properties, manage our food garden, live off the land, make new friends, learn a trade or a skill, contribute to our ancestral legacy and uncover more of our breath taking island in exchange for an all inclusive room and board.

Our vision is to interconnect our world peacefully and sustainably through our paid Community Live-In Program in order for our participants to identify themselves as responsible world citizens. Our Community Live-In Program are for participants over the age of 21 and for professionals from all backgrounds.

Come and be a part of our "BUSH LIFE" tribe who are making a massive impact in the lives of our local/global communities, while gaining confidence to prepare you for your future in sustainable community living.

Length of Program
A minimum duration of 2 weeks is requested when taking part in our Community Live-In Program so that you have time to adjust to "BUSH LIFE" in zion and truly experience the rural part of St Vincent (Yurumein).

If you would like further information, please contact me here

BushMama Loves You x

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Contact Information
Phone: +1(784)-526 6062

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