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Are you visiting a town or city for the day or to live in? You can now find your local or national interests or services at a touch of a button. Ranging from shops, salons, barbershops, events, forums and much more. This business has been created by a father and son; who is 1st generation British born of African Caribbean descent. Through life experiences and living in the Black community they have seen a lot of Black business owners, talent, innovative ideas and new concepts. Both believe that this is a new representation for them to bring growth and empowerment to this society.


Vibrant Creations Online Etsy Store

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North London, London, UK

Bringing a taste of Africa to the West!

Having grown a love for African prints from a young age and envisioning what could be done with fabric, from handbags to belts which is now emerging in this growing market. Vibrant Creations has a desire to share African prints with the world, in a variety of eye catching, quality made items. Our Prints are incorporated into western fashion with a twist, our items are fashionable and can be worn by anyone because culture to us can be worn by many races as we all have something amazing to bring, stemming from our own identities. No item alone is beautiful without the person wearing it!

We produce our items from home sourcing products from Ghana itself and also manufacture items such as our Handbags from Ghana. We are extremely proud of the quality and are confident you will not be disappointed!

Our passion for African culture has drawn us to natural products that are used to care for skin and hair. Sometimes its the simplest remedies that retain our health!

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Phone: 07847216870

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