Our equipment, our capacity


2 mesh belt furnace lines

These are designed to cope with larger volume batches in an economic manner and have oxygen probe controls to constantly monitor the condition of the furnace atmosphere to produce an excellent surface finish. Both plants include auto loading equipment to create a greater continuity of specification and a minimum risk of distortion.

2 auto loaded shaker hearth lines

These discharge into conveyorised salt baths. One furnace includes an automatic drier as part of the continuous process. Having these lines enables us to deal with the variety of parts and range of specifications existing within our wide customer base.

2 smaller shaker hearth basket furnaces

These discharge into baskets rather than to a belt and are designed to deal with our requirement for small to medium sized batches. They are especially suited to handling small components with the minimum of losses; particularly useful for treating prototypes. These furnaces, due to their size are more able to cope with rapid temperature change to allow varying hardness specifications.

Oil Hardening

2 auto loaded shaker hearth

These furnaces (complete with in-line wash and temperer) allow us to continuously oil harden components. This is especially useful for lower grade steels or thicker components.

Benefits of Alpha-Rowen

  • Technical knowledge - 2 graduates in the materials field
  • Service - supported by our range of equipment
  • Experience - over 20,000 different components treated
  • Operate our own fleet of vehicles
  • Central location, close to the motorway network
  • Accredited to ISO9001:2015