Our Staff

We are extremely proud of the team we have built at Alpha-Rowen and every member of that team is keen to provide the best possible service to our customers. Let us demonstrate to you the capability of that team and use the experience and knowledge that they have gained.

Operations Manager

Ivor Bridgman, Operations Manager

Ivor has been with Alpha-Rowen for over 25 years initially as a Maintenance Engineer, but more recently as Operations Manager. He has huge knowledge of the equipment from the years spent looking after the furnaces and is looking to pass that through to his team. He can be reached at ivor.bridgman@alpharowen.co.uk

Quality Department

Michael Hill, Quality Manager

Mick is the longest serving member of the team and has developed a large amount of knowledge of the Austemper process to go with his qualifications in Quality control and Operations Management. His email address is alphatreat1@yahoo.co.uk

Production Department

Adam Haynes, Production Planner

Adam is responsible for the production planning of the furnaces and is the main customer contact trying to ensure that work is scheduled to meet customer requirements. He can be reached at adam.haynes@alpharowen.co.uk

Administration Department

Fay Forrest, Administration Manager

Fay is another long standing employee with nearly 30 years' service. She is responsible for the admin department and can be contacted for any queries in this area. Her email is fay.forrest@alpharowen.co.uk

Kerry Gibbons, Administration Assistant

Kerry has worked alongside Fay for many years now and as well as supporting in the administration area she is also able to support Adam in the goods receiving area. Her contact email is kerry.gibbons@alpharowen.co.uk

Production Staff

The furnace equipment is run day and night 5 days a week by our furnace operators. Most of them have a great deal of experience and are multi-skilled across our range of furnaces. The ongoing hardness checks are also carried out by the more experienced furnace operators. We also have a dedicated team of Maintenance Engineers who look after the equipment.

Distribution and Goods Inwards

We have two vehicles regularly visiting Redditch and the Black Country. We can handle collections and deliveries and (depending on location) are willing to forward parts to your next supplier.