What is austempering?
What material shall I use?

Our information on the austemper process elsewhere on the website should answer these questions. 

Can you process this size of component?
Can you handle this volume of work?
What does this specification mean?
Will this material harden to this specification?
Can you recommend a process for this material / application?

We have a range of equipment that can accommodate most sizes of components and batch sizes from grammes up to several tonnes. For specific information you will need to contact Mike, Mick or Kevin directly.

Will the component distort?
Can you see any problem processing these?

All heat treatment processes are prone to distortion through the nature of the temperatures used and material structure changes taking place. Austempering causes less distortion than most due to a less aggressive quench temperature and a less aggressive structure change.

Parts will still be susceptible to movement but we can limit that further by modifying our loading arrangement, which is why for some jobs we hand load work to reduce the chance of parts sagging under the weight of other components.

If you are worried about distortion then please contact Mike directly to see what we can do to reduce distortion. For several jobs where tolerances are very tight we post op jig temper to remove some distortion from the hardening process.

What is the turnaround time for processing?

Whilst we would like to be able to offer a standard delivery time it is very difficult to do. It is dependant on the specification required, the current working temperature of the furnaces, the furnace options we have for processing your work and the level of work we have already committed to.

If you have a specific requirement then please let us know and we will do everything we can to meet or exceed your requirements. Contact Mike and his team directly to arrange this.

Can you deliver?
Can you pass on work to our plater?

We operate vehicles predominantly around Birmingham, Redditch and the Black Country. If you want us to consider transporting your work then please contact Mike directly to see if this is feasible.

We already forward work on to finishing companies for several customers and see this as a key part of the total service we can offer.

Can you give me the best price for processing?

We always aim to be as competitive as we can. Pricing is based on processing time and can vary from component to component so that you don’t always get a standard kilo rate. The larger furnaces are also more expensive to run so if we are limited to certain equipment that can affect the price as well. If a part has limiting loading arrangements that again can affect the price.

How do we pay?

Most customers have an account with us and pay monthly by BACS or by cheque. If you don’t have a credit account then we will raise a proforma invoice and will release the goods on receipt of your payment. If you haven’t a credit account and want to enquire about opening one then please contact Fay direct

Do you do any finishing?
Can you recommend anyone for plating?
Can you recommend anyone for other heat treatments?

We don’t currently offer any plating or other finishing processes. Nor do we have agreements or arrangements with any plating or painting companies. We do however deliver to several and if you need some help we will do what we can to help you find one. The same with Heat Treatment, if we can’t do it we will try and point you in the right direction.